FWSU Educator Recognition

We have continued our practice of recognizing Franklin West educators each month for the 2023-24 school year. During the last week of September, we visited the classrooms of our honorees to acknowledge their contributions to our school and students with a certificate, a gift certificate (from the school’s parent organization) and the “Top Banana” trophy. 

The following are September’s FWSU Outstanding Educators:

Aysha Clark, GEMS Grade 6

For always caring and making your students feel welcome in your classroom and for establishing the student-teacher relationships that are so necessary.  You truly care for each child and you provide the academic and social-emotional support they may need throughout each day. 

Your collaborative, professional, and team-oriented approach makes you a valuable member of our school community.  You truly are a GEM and we appreciate ALL you do!  Thank you for being the educator you are.

Nancy Hurt, Fletcher Grade 1

This teacher shows an unmatched level of passion for education. She dedicates her time to furthering her student's literacy skills, while simultaneously forming loving relationships. It is clear how her systematic instruction helps her class grow a fundamental knowledge that sets the students up to be successful readers. Nancy is a leader in the building as well, helping further all staff's knowledge of early literacy. Nancy deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication.

Elizabeth Jameson, BFA ES Student Support

Elizabeth has gone ABOVE and beyond to check in with my daughter and kids impacted. She even stays after hours and calls to offer resources. The children are lucky to have such a positive, well-rounded individual to connect with for guidance and support. I can’t say enough good things about Elizabeth. I was really impressed by her professionalism and attentiveness. She deserves recognition!

Ella Justman, GEMS Pre-K

For creating a positive and welcoming learning environment for our students. We were nervous for our 3-year-old preschooler, but Ms. Justman has created such an amazing classroom experience that he is excited to attend school and we are excited to have a child that is eager to begin his journey as a student. 

Sara Villeneuve, BFA HS English

She creates such a positive and fun environment in her class, and really goes the extra mile to engage and communicate with parents. 

Jen Skerrett, BFA MS Social Studies

She has sent me positive messages about my son recognizing how important it is to hear when someone is doing well. She wants to help him achieve.

These educators were nominated by families, students, and staff. You can nominate an educator who has impacted your child so far this year -- The FWSU Educator Recognition link is on the home page of each school's website. 

Congratulations one and all!

John Tague

Superintendent of Schools