FWSU Educator Recognition

It’s almost December and we are getting ready to recognize our November FWSU Outstanding Educators; but first, we need to publicly acknowledge our October recipients! At the end of October, we presented our certificates of appreciation, gift cards (from the school’s parent organizations), and the “Top Banana” trophy to these outstanding FWSU educators:

Joe Emery

My daughter is taking 2 classes with Mr. Emery this trimester, and she is learning so much! Mr. Emery is a creative and engaging teacher who holds high expectations for his students. Adeline really enjoys Mr. Emery's class and the many ways he works to connect with his students about their interests as well. I also very much appreciate his regular communication with families about what they are learning in class. Thanks, Mr. Emery!

Lisa Wilkins

She makes our daughter feel so safe, happy, and academically challenged every day. Our daughter comes home confident and with a smile ear to ear every day. She loves Ms. Wilkins so much and we’re so thankful to have her as our daughter’s teacher.

Jerry Bailey

Mr Bailey makes learning fun and engaging for all students. His classroom is set up to support student success and to develop a love for all things Disney! In addition to his classroom work, Mr Bailey produces the best musicals in the state!

Jen Sheldon-Purinton

Mrs. Jenny makes awesome games that we can play in P.E. And she spends a lot of time at home dedicated to those plans so that we can have a good time in P.E. Mrs. Jenny is a great substitute teacher, too. She knows what to do when someone is misbehaving, and she makes the class fun.

Barb Dow

For her dedication to GEMS and acknowledgment of her professional growth during her time at GEMS. She has worn a number of hats during her time at GEMS and has demonstrated an unprecedented amount of flexibility and support to her colleagues and students alike. Thank you for everything you do!

Caitlin Burns

In recognition of her work, dedication, and support to both students and staff. For her willingness and flexibility, as well as her patience and demeanor during difficult or stressful situations. She brings and contributes a number of amazing assets and positivity to the GEMS community.

These educators were nominated by families, students, and staff. You can nominate an educator who has impacted your child so far this year -- The FWSU Educator Recognition link is on the home page of each school's website. 

Congratulations! Stay tuned for next month’s honorees.

John Tague