FWSU Educator Recognition

Last week, we recognized another fantastic group of educators in all of our Franklin West schools. Our November award winners exhibit all of the qualities we value within the supervisory union. Take a moment to read a little about this month’s honorees:

Tammy Boissoneault

Mrs.Boissoneault‘s passion for teaching shines brightly as soon as you walk into her classroom. She always greets her students and families with a smile and enthusiasm!  She prepares her students for success in and out of her classroom. She makes learning a fun adventure.  One of my sons favorite things about her is her love of literature & he loves when she reads books aloud to the class!!! She has an incredible ability to engage her students. She has a great sense of who her students are as individuals.  I’m grateful for her positive influence on my son.  He always looks forward to his days at BFA and most especially with “Mrs B.”

Melinda Carpenter

For her never ending Caring and Support of Student well being.

Cathy O’Brien

She is an incredible teacher - organized, kind, and really effective at motivating and supporting students. Our child loved his experience in her Kindergarten class. 

Kilie Demar

Mrs. Demar is an incredible educator! She truly gets to know her students, fosters trust and shows deep passion for all types of learners. We are so thankful for her communication and support. We appreciate her attention to the small details, how she keeps so many of them straight is remarkable! 

Russell Williams

Russell has put the MS team first in so many situations this school year (and last). His positivity, thoughtfulness, and student-centered approach have made a tremendous impact on the BFA Middle School community.

Jake Henricks

For always having your students' best interest at heart and for advocating relentlessly for what is best.  Your care for students at Gems does not go unnoticed and always is above and beyond.   

Your reliability and professional approach in working with families provide a sense of calm that you exhibit daily and in every situation. Your openness, flexibility, and collaborative way make you a true GEM.  Thank you for all you do.

These educators were nominated by families, students, and staff. You can nominate an educator who has impacted your child so far this year -- The FWSU Educator Recognition link is on the home page of each school's website. 

John T. Tague
Franklin West Supervisory Union