FWSU Educator Recognition: December 2023

Shortly after our return from the holiday break, we recognized our December Outstanding Educators. Principals joined me to visit our educator’s classroom and share our thanks, a certificate, a gift certificate provided by each school’s parent organization and the “Top Banana” trophy. We are proud to share the list of recipients and the words of their nominators:

Morgan Schwegman

Fletcher Elementary School Grade 3 Teacher

“Morgan has done a great job this year for only a 2nd year teacher. You can see her enthusiasm for her 3rd grade class.  Morgan has also been helping with the 2nd grade while the teacher is on Maternity leave . She is so caring, compassionate and supportive to our students.  We love her.”

Juliet King

BFA Fairfax Elementary Literacy Coach

“She volunteered hours and hours to be a stage manager for Little Shop of Horrors, a show that involved over 30 students.  She has worked in some capacity with these students in drama for 10+ years. Mrs King is also involved in just about every leadership group for the school and supervisory union to help students, teachers, and the school in general.”

Jonathan Brigham

BFA Fairfax Middle School Paraprofessional

“Mr Brigham has worked at BFA for 23 years. He supports students in all areas, but especially math. Mr Brigham does anything and everything to support students from supervising the cafeteria in the morning to creating art for special occasions to being an all around great listener and helper.”

Glen Wallace

BFA Fairfax Middle and High School Band Director

“Mr Wallace brings so much care and energy to his work. It is clear he has a real connection with students and has made band a very fun experience for them.”

Sandra Moulton

Georgia Elementary Grade One Teacher

“Mrs. Moulton has assisted my son and our family through a challenging time and helped us figure out what works and doesn’t work. She implemented a reward chart and made sure our son had the support and breaks he needed throughout his day. Mrs. Moulton still communicates frequently with us so we know how he is doing at school. 

Courtney Chadburn

Georgia Middle School Physical Education Teacher

“This teacher has been the favorite of both of my kids! She has felt like a bright spot in their week when they have gym with her. She is doing something right when I have two very different children that love her and appreciate her way of being with students! One of mine is still in the MS and one has moved on to high school, but still names her as one of the favorites he’s had.”

We will continue to recognize our outstanding educators each month. Please take a moment to nominate an educator who has impacted your child by clicking on this form. Congratulations to this month’s honorees!