A quality public education is a key that opens doors of opportunity for students. Providing that education takes a team of committed people from educators and staff to parents and administrators. The members of your local school board are an important part of this team, making informed decisions that direct the course of our public schools.

In February we take time to celebrate and recognize the challenging and vital work they do on behalf of our students, families, and community.

As locally elected officials, school board members are invested in their communities. They are our neighbors, friends, and local leaders.

During this month of appreciation, please take a moment and show your gratitude for school board members’ time, dedication, and effort year-round. Boards of education connect the will of the community to the education of its children. The job they do is necessary to ensure our schools remain a pathway to a promising future. Thank them for advocating on behalf of our collective interest, and most importantly, for making the success of our children their priority!


(Left to Right  --  Fletcher Board of School Directors: James Bell, David Clark, Aimee Cardinal, Tara Sweet, & Jess Graff;   Fairfax Board of School Directors: Ella Ferrone, Peyton Metruk, Emily Aiken, Scott Mitchell, Tamara Revoir, Jenn Patterson, Matt Hogan;   Georgia Board of School Directors: Carl Laroe, Ben Chiappinelli, Kate Barnes, Jean- Charles Thouin, Steven Wry)