FWSU Educator Recognition: January 2024

Each month, we recognize educators in Franklin West for their dedication to our schools and students. Recipients are nominated by students, parents, and their peers. We value all of our employees and think it is important to let them know how valuable and impactful their work is. Generally, when we show up to present the certificate, gift certificate (from the school’s parent organization) and the “Top Banana” trophy, staff and students are taken by surprise, but quickly get into the celebratory spirit. 

These are the educators who were recognized this January:

Lisa Sweet

BFA Fairfax Elementary School

Lisa meets my child's needs academically as well as socially and emotionally. She is so dedicated and supportive. My son loves school more than I could have ever imagined. Lisa also has wonderful communication with families through See Saw as well through email, phone calls, or warm face-to-face interactions.

Michelle Messier

BFA Fairfax Middle School

She has been an outstanding teacher and adviser  to our son.  He describes Ms. Messier as one of his favorite teachers.  It is clear to us the supportive role Michelle plays in his day-to-day life in school.  She advocates for other teachers and has helped him navigate social conflicts with his peers.  She always believes in him and this connection keeps him afloat through the self-conscious years of middle school.  Thank you for being there Ms. Messier!  You've made a difference.

Amy Plog

BFA Fairfax High School

Keeping track of all students in middle and high school, making sure all sports are accounted for, tracking and helping with building information, making sure birthdays are always listed. At holidays she has treats for kids to share, she keeps snacks available for kids when they are hungry, and she is a listening ear for kids and adults. 

Kay Lee

Georgia Elementary School

She’s had 3 generations of our family and is an amazing teacher.  I’ve seen a major growth in my daughter since school started in August and it’s all because of her and the way she structures her class.  There are not enough words to describe what she is capable of and what she has done with her students, especially my daughter.  She pours her heart and soul into these students as if they’re her own children.  

Kelsey Nudd

Georgia Middle School

For building trusting relationships and knowing your students well beyond your classroom walls. You have built connections with your students and know them well beyond their academics. Through your support and attendance at extracurricular activities, It is clear that your students adore and appreciate you. 

Students say...."Ms. Nudd cares about us". "She's always happy and cheerful".  Ms. Nudd knows her students" and  "She is like our friend."

Kelsey Nudd is a true GEM and treasure to have at our school.

Sarah St Pierre

Fletcher Elementary School

She is comfortable to talk to. She doesn't judge you. She is funny. She cares about us. She puts all her effort into school. She relates to the students.

Remember that you can nominate an educator who has impacted students in your school by completing this form. Help us to continue to acknowledge the great work done in our schools. 

Congratulations to all of our recipients!