Fletcher Falcons - Group of students

What does it mean to be a Fletcher Falcon? 

It means that you belong to the Fletcher Elementary School community. Our community is made up of students, teachers, staff, and townspeople. It also means that when you walk down the long hallway everyone knows you by name.

Being a Falcon means that you have most likely had the same teacher twice during your time at Fletcher Elementary School and perhaps at one time you have been in a multi-grade classroom. 

As we begin preparing for graduation some of the fifth and sixth graders were asked what it means to be a Fletcher Falcon. 

“Being a kid in a small school means that everyone knows your name. You know your school and you just know everybody. You get to connect with everyone, “ says Koda. 
“Being a Falcon means that you have strong friendships. Those are the friends that make you laugh and you have connections with the adults,” says Connor.

Madden shared, “to me being a Fletcher Falcon is to be respectful, responsible, safe, and caring. To be nice to each other and support people in anything. But we aren't just born like this. Our teachers have helped us become better people.” 

Cailin has found that “the teachers at FES are loving, caring and listen to all you have to say. They also show interest in your life and what fun things you do. The teachers care about your well-being and your emotions.” 

Being a Fletcher Falcon also means that the staff and students have built relationships based on trust, common interest, and an occasional good laugh. 

“Being a Fletcher Falcon means that you are understood,” says Faye as she reflected on her time in our school. 

Being a Fletcher Falcon means that Mr. Chuck, our cook, knows to cut the crust off of your sandwich. It also means that Nurse Courtney knows your likes and dislikes for professional football. Being a Fletcher Falcon means that Ms. Tucker is going to be your cheerleader no matter what. 

Being a Fletcher Falcon means being a part of a family, the Fletcher Family.